Introduction of CI

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ARTWARE's symbol mark represents corporate ideas with RGB

Red (passion), green (trust), and blue (technology)
color show volition of ARTWARE, which implies that "Everything is
possible with trust, technology, and passion.“

The logo type presents the official name of ARTWARE. Each font is
adjusted proportionally, and font color, thickness, and proportion
should not be changed without permission.

Colors should be used in accordance with the manual regarding
color use regulations, and other chromatic color cannot be used.
If the background is too dark, reverse it.

Signature combines the symbol mark and logo type - the core of CI,
to the top, bottom, left, and right direction with the certain criteria.

If signature is combined and used without permission, the intrinsic
shape of the watermark is broken, which can cause weak
communication function and confusion of the image. Therefore, the
shape, color, and text of signature should not be modified or
combined at user's discretion.