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어떠한 환경에서도 포기하거나 현실과 타협하지 않으며, 고객과의 약속을 지켜갑니다.

ARTWARE Co., Ltd. is a specialized system integration consulting and solution provider.

Beginning with a digital signage business in 1995, ARTWARE integrated various communication technologies with the wireless display system and pager application display system, and expanded its utilization.

In addition, ARTWARE received a New Technology Certificate in the complicated railroad safety system, based on years of experiences and know-how, and its technical skills were recognized from the public as it is selected as an excellent product by the Public Procurement Service.

In addition, ARTWARE is laying a firm foundation in diverse and wide mobile communication repeater business areas, by developing the network management system for mobile operators and various monitoring devices for the repeater with focus on the communication area. We will surely meet our commitments.

We will not disappoint our customer with abandonment or easy and convenient alternatives in any complex and complicated environment. ARTWARE will keep its promise with customers by making the most of system development know-how in various areas and appropriate technology development capability.